vastu shastra running horse statue big horse statue for sale

  • vastu shastra running horse statue big horse statue for sale

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The Running Stallion Horse is sculpted in deep appreciation for the beauty and excellence of the animal. The sculpture is taken from a running stallion in the wild. Its mane is flowing freely in the w...

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Horse statues including golden horse statues and flying horse statues are in this category. Feng shui horse figurines are for the year of the horse (wholesale horse statues). Further more, displaying one Chinese horse statue is good for those who are allied with horse sign or secret friend of horse sign.

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Posters and Paintings Vastu – Principles You Must Follow. Posters and paintings plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of any room but using them according to Vastu shall further boost the positive vibes in the house.

Vastu Running Seven Horse Paintings

Horse is always associated with speed so a seven horse painting can be placed in your office, cabin or house if you are looking for a promotion in the job or success in your business.

The Horse Feng Shui Symbol in the Home

Grouped horses should be running or moving together to symbolize partnership, family, or combined strength. Best Places for Feng Shui Horses To benefit the most from the feng shui power of the horse symbol, position horses based on your home's feng shui Bagua map.

Vastu Free Tips for Main Doors Entrance and Windows Mumbai INDIA

The Door of the House / office or Factory is Considered the Mouth of Prosperity .The entrance of the house brings in the main energy which Energize the House .Vastu Shastra the Science of Architecture has Specified certain Rules and principles for the Design / Color and Number of Door .

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Horses considered the fastest running and great feng shui energy animals, focused in their run, are a hot topic in artworks and sculptures. A wonderful energy boosters the paintings bring in loads of energy into your home and office.

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Nataraja-The image of a cosmic dancer Shiva is to be found in the house of almost every classical dancer.But there are two sides of the same coin. Nataraja symbolises this tremendous art form, at the same time it symbolises destruction.

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Vastu Shastra is all about tapping the positive reserves of energy and utilizing it in a fruitful way. Follow the above tips to channelize and harness the positive energy. Let positive aura flow throughout your house and surroundings.