life size metal horse sculpture for sale war horse statue meanings for sale

  • life size metal horse sculpture for sale war horse statue meanings for sale

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Horse. Our horse statues and horse sculptures are among the finest quality available anywhere. Each sculpture is hand-made of pure bronze. We have these made ourselves so you have choices about finish colors.

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In Tacca's sculpture, atop a fountain composition that forms the centerpiece of the façade of the Royal Palace, the horse rears, and the entire weight of the sculpture balances on the two rear legs, and discreetly, its tail, a novel feat for a statue of this size.

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The Trojan Horse designed by cunning Odysseus as the contraption to end the Trojan War is a testament to the unique ingenuity of m... ankind. Made from cold cast resin the formidable war machine stands 10 inches tall 9 1/2 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Native American and Other Native Cultures - is proud to offer a large selection of these pieces representing tribes like the Cheyenne, the Apache, the Blackfoot, and the Nez Perce and other tribes. Call us +1-877-675-2634 M-F 8am - 6pm.

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To cast this sculpture we used actual military items as models, so the entire sculpture is life-size. It is so life-like you feel like you could pick it up. It is cast in high-quality American bronze using the ancient "lost-wax" method of bronze casting.

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Black Statues & Sculptures : Add depth and warmth to any room in your home with statues and sculptures. ... INK+IVY Polymer Black Metal Sculpture. 2. 74. SALE. Quick ...

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Serving man in war, mobility, productivity, agriculture, development of all kinds, the horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of our civilization. With such recognition and accomplishments, a vast and diverse trail of symbol meanings is sure to follow the horse’s rich history with humankind.

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Makonde Tree of Life Carving Vintage African Sculpture This beautiful Makonde “Tree-of-Life” carving was acquired while on safari in Tanzania in the 1980’s. The “open arms’ feature of the carving is typical of the Makonde tribe approach to family love, respect and togetherness.’.

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Chinese Horse Statues Since 1600 B.C., horses have been domesticated and raised by the Chinese. Their statues were made of bronze, jade, wood, or porcelain, and are a symbolic physical representation of one of the most significant creatures in Chinese culture.

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Design Toscano Resting Life-Size Quarter Horse Filly Statue Though this resting chestnut filly sculpture is a work horse, she's al... so a beautiful equestrian statue in her own right. This muscular icon is the epitome of beauty and grace.